Friday, January 13, 2012

Pearly Whites

WHEW! BrotherBean survived his 1st dentist visit and BooderBean survived his 3rd with no cavities for either of them!! Both boys did so good and sat so still for our fabulous pediatric dentist. 

checkin' out the fun chairs at the dentist office (of course Mickey joined!)

BooderBean is an old pro at this...he just climbs on up in the chair and settles in for his cleaning while he watches Cars movie on the mini TV over his head, all of course while sporting his awesome dentist visit glasses.  BooderBeans first visit at age 3 had us leaving sad...the poor boy had 4 cavities and need caps! FOUR! It shocked MilitaryMan and I to our core because this is the boy who doesn't have a sweet tooth in his body and at the time would only drink milk and water.  She said some kids just have sensitive teeth to cavities. SO when we left this check up we were so glad to hear that everything was in check and his teeth looked great, except for the massive overbite (sorry bud, you got your moms genetics on that one and will probably spend your junior high and high school years in braces like i did). 

Getting his teeth cleaned and counted for!
BrotherBean did so awesome! Well he was a bit fidgety and wanted down a few times but we busted out some blue surgical gloves and that entertained him while he got his teeth cleaned! We were worried about this one too because he fell on Thanksgiving day and knocked his front tooth back causing it to bleed quite a bit and has since changed from pearly white to a sad shade of grey.  Oh i hate it for him, mainly because he'll have it till he's 7 or so!!! Doesn't bother him one bit though, he'll proudly show off his "gay teef" for you anytime (as he calls it).  She said his tooth was just fine and as long as he doesn't injure it again he would just have a discolored tooth but at least it would stay intact.
See ya in 6 months dentist lady for another check up!

Playing before going back for his cleaning

Getting all cleaned and counted for!

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