Friday, January 20, 2012

Two is lookin' pretty darn cute!

When did the little HAM in my life turn into a little boy???? My chubby little baby has turned into a chubby little toddler man and I love it.

Over the past weekend we took BrotherBean in for his 2 year Well Child Check, and also met up with our awesome friend and photographer GreyGill Photography to have BrotherBeans 2 year photo shoot!

At Age TWO BrotherBean..
  • weighs 32lbs and is 34inches tall!!1
  • loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse more than anything in the world
  • has mastered the phrases "no, i not like it", "it's hot, i not like that", and "no, it's yucky" (all while waving his hand in front of his face like something smells bad...and all while sitting in his highchair at a meal if he decides he doesnt' like what you have cooked, or has decided he is just not going to eat today.
  • loves candy! i mean LOVES candy!
  • is a master at winning your heart over with his smile and sweet voice saying "hi mommy, hi daddy" as you are trying to get on to him or correct him for something he should not be doing
  • can say 5 and 6 word sentences and usually says 2 sentences at a time! he's so smart!
  • loves to read, loves to look at books
  • loves anything to do with animals, puppies, turtles, and kitty cats
  • loves to wrestle and watch his cousin Shelby wrestle
  • loves to do anything his big brotehr is doing, he is his shadow in every aspect
  • is king of the repeater game
  • loves to roll the windows down and sing in the car at the top of our lungs
  • can do the "hot dog" dance like nobodies business.

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KendraJane said...

So stink'n cute!! I think it's now time to have another, don't you??