Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sweet Sweet Baby G's

BrotherBean has got to be the funniest two year old i know! I mean i remember BooderBean being hilarious at this age but BrotherBean is stealing the show!
He's making big strides as a two year old:  had his first dentist appointment yesterday, we will be havnig his 2 year old photo session done this weekend, and then he goes for his two year well check Monday.  I"ll update next week on it all.

For today I'll leave you with a few funny photos of our little guy last week!  We were taking down the Christmas decor and he decided that the Baby Jesus from the children's Nativity needed to be played with a little bit more. This Christmas season he has been able to communicate much more and has now started calling the Nativity Jesus: "Baby G's", and even says it with a gangster voice!!
As i am packing items away i see him snag up Baby G's and run off to his room...i go in and check on him a few minutes later and this is what i find!  He tells me he needs to read Baby G's a book, and then says he needs to rock Baby G's that Baby G's is sad. He makes a sad, melt your heart face, and grabs a blanket for Baby G's :) LOOK closely...you can see Baby G's snuggled up tight!!

Cute, funny, creative, smart BrotherBean!!

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