Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Big Apple

Ladies and Gentlemen...I am NYC bound!!!
I'll be taking 33 college students and 1 professor on a travel trip to NYC for the week of spring break. This may sound like fun to some of you...but if i can jsut get past all the stress of planning the trip and preparing my family for me being away for a week...then maybe it will be fun!

Top 3 things i want to do while in NYC
1. See a celebrity
2. Get in some shopping--find a fabulous pair of shoes, think Sex In The City style!
3. Get a hotdog from a street vendor
4. Go see the 9/11 memorial site
5. See my friend Patrice and let her show me the ropes to NYC

1 comment:

greygillfish said...

HAVE FUN and SAFE trip!