Tuesday, March 31, 2009

we are NOT getting a donkey!

We spent a wonderful and much needing 3 day weekend mini vacation in Frisco, Texas visiting my cousins! We arrived late Friday night and didn't return till evening Monday. It was just what we all 3 needed...though it left me most definitely NOT wanting to go back to work :)

We got in some shopping, spent a few hours at Cabellas (or "the man store" as booderbean called it), enjoyed a fabulous cookout with cousins we don't get to see very much, and had some really good hanging out time with my cousins at their house. Booderbean enjoyed himself so much that i really think he thought we had moved there! When we got packed to leave he kept asking me "why, we are leaving Amy and Will's??" then we got ready to leave and he got so sad!

To make it up to him we stopped at Arbuckle Wilderness on our way home...booderbean didn't know what to think at first! he pretty much freaked out when the Alpaca stuck his head in the car the first time...then after he saw daddy feeding them he calmed down a bit.

Honestly militaryman had such a blast there i think i may have to take HIM back to visit! He seriously asked me if we could get a donkey!!! NO SIR :) and booderbean would have loved to have taken home a zebra!!

Amy, Will, Brian, Natalie, Collin, Ella..we will be coming back very soon for sure!!

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greygillfish said...

Glad you had a fun trip. We took the kids to Arbuckle Wilderness last year and neither of them would let us roll down their windows. They were freaked out! AND DOUG GOT ATTACKED BY AN OSTRICH. :)

Booderbean looks so happy to be there. He didn't look scared at all.