Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Ramblings...

Just a few random thoughts for your Friday pleasure...

1. I have had the most annoying on-going cold/allergies for the past 2 weeks. It's about to drive me nuts! I had it for a full week prior to going on a work trip to NYC, then this past Tuesday the stupid cold came back! It's one of those where one minute your sweating and the next your shivering, coughing your lungs out, and blowing your nose till it's red! Like i said, annoying!

2. It's Friday during Lent, there for I will fast today and not eat meat in observance and reverence. But of course my Qdoba naked chicken burrito craving it hitting an all time high today!

3. More on the Qdoba naked chicken burrito...those things are Heaven in my mouth! i love them, Qdoba is within walking distance of my office here on campus and i pretty much could eat it 5 days a week! It's packed with cilantro--my new favorite additive to any food!

4. We are taking a road trip to Dallas tonight for a long 3 day weekend to visit my cousins and i could not be more excited!!! it's been too long since we've seen them and the 3 of us haven't be there together yet. Booderbean and I made the trip when military man was deployed, and military man and i made the trip minus booderbean about 6 months ago. So we are excited to get the heck outa dodge! The stinky weather better not slow us down for our Dallas trip though!

5. Military man thought he need to cuddle with booderbean in our bed last night, so not only is my body aching from being sick but it's aching from having a 2 year old waling all over me all night.

6. As i sit here at my desk I have Twilight staring me in the face...i have not picked up the books once to read them, i was never really interested, i honestly thought the obsession with vampires was soooooo not up my alley. Then a friend in the office decided to lay the book on my desk and make me read it. We'll see. I still just don't have the desire. But i hear that once i read it I'm hooked.

7. I have realized over the past week that i need to spend a little more time with God. There have been some unsettling things going on lately and i think i need my God time!

8. I had my office painted while i was out last week and it's the most amazing shade of creamy green!! i love it! i just really need to get on the ball and decorate now!

9. I ordered a new digital camera (my Christmas present--long story) this week and it's supposed to be today, it has to be here or i will have no photos from our Dallas weekend! Come on Mr. fed ex!

10. Thanks to my in-laws-- booderbean, military man, and i have a new obsession snack--Puff Corn! It's made by Cheetos and it's sooooooooo yummy!! it's addicting as hell though! I honestly went to the store last night and bought 4 bags! oh my gosh i can't believe i said that out loud on here! so military man and i plopped out booties in front of the TV last night with a bag! What?? don't judge me! It's my comfort food!

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greygillfish said...

I hope you have a great trip to D-town. Hopefully, the bad weather will not hit until you are far enough South.

Let's get together when you get back!