Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thanks Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

While i do appreciate the recent rains (our dry grass really needed), and i do appreciate the large hail (booderbean does love to see it fall), and i do appreciate the strong winds (not sure why but i bet I'm supposed to appreciate them for some reason)...i am not too fond of what you left behind for us. I know it was not your fault, and I know this is just what comes with being a Home Owner, but really.....

This is our roof, it shows how the shingles are big pockets.

This is part of our back porch that flipped up and landed on our roof, i have no idea how the 2x4's and steel rods were pulled out of the concrete but they did. And you can see the guttering is gone and the porch is nonexistent.

This is the roof to our porch...or what was left of it. this tree is in our front yard by the road, that's how far it carried it!

And this is the leak/tear or whatever you want to call it to the ceiling in our garage!

Mother Nature, would you mind making the call to our insurance company? I'm not sure they are going to be too fond of us :)


neta said...

Wow - that must have been quite a storm. I'm so glad you or your family were not hurt!

greygillfish said...

OH NO! I am so sorry you had to come home from NYC to this.