Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catchin Up!

I was a NURSING NINJA...or so i dubbed myself :) 
I successfully nursed my two boys until both of them were 10 months old. While my goal both times was 12 months, I didn't quite make it.  Both boys decided they were just done with our little mommy baby time at 10 months so that is that.  I had a really hard time, emotionally, with BooderBean when he quit.  Yet with BrotherBean i am doing much better than i thought.  I am ready to get my body back to my own, and I'm really ready to wear clothing that doesnt' have to have a snap or clasp or easy access for a little one! so Victoria Secret...get ready, this momma is ready to shop again!

The photos that are making me smile so much lately are the ones where they just aren't "perfect".  i used to think we had to all be looking "perfect" to get a good photo...but after time, I am learning that the photos i love the best are the ones where we are caught  just really living in the moment!
These recent photos of my boys are just those kind...the "in the moment" photos!

on BooderBeans birthday we flooded the living room with balloons....the boys loved to dive into them together and this photo is a perfect reflection of the love BooderBean has for his brother, he loves to squeeze on this boy!
We took BooderBean to the Orr Family Farm for his birthday and had a blast! This photo is my boys and I jumping on the giant pillow! It's this photo that i love so much, just my boys and I having fun and not posing one bit.
BooderBean concentrated so hard on his cupcake creations while BrotherBean watched on.

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M+D+Bx3 said...

Way to go on nursing for 10months!!! That is so amazing so proud of you sister!! Love this pictures...in the moment pictures are the best. My favorite is the mommy and boys picture at Orr Family Farm!!:)