Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweet Snacks

MilitaryMan and I let BooderBean stay up past his bedtime the other night so he could help make his fun birthday cupcakes to take to his school friends for today's birthday celebration at school.  MilitaryMan thought it would be fun to get the blender out and make some yummy smoothies to sip on while we baked!  I put BrotherBean to bed early so we could get started on our baking fun. BooderBean loves to help out in the kitchen so the evening was a blast.  Long story-short:  we ended up baking 2 1/2 dozen cup cakes that evening from scratch and then weren't able to bring them to school so he gets to serve his friends store bought pie and store bought sherbet today instead.  And i now have a mound of homemade vanilla cupcakes at my house if anyone wants to come grab a snack!
The smoothies turned out yummy-perfect peach smoothies!
Enjoy the fun photos from the night.  We'll be taking him for some birthday fun tomorrow for his 4th birthday, check next week for photos!

The blender is LOUD daddy!

Daddy and BooderBean making peach smoothies!

mmmm perfect peach smoothie!
making sure mommy put all the ingredients in!

licking up the leftovers he said

 finished product

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Natalie said...

What a bummer you couldn't take the homemade treats to his class. I've heard that is a new rule, store bought only. That's too bad. They look delicious! Looks like you had a great time making them though, cute pics!