Thursday, October 7, 2010

School Lunches

BooderBean had a great birthday week last week! On Friday I surprised him at his school and had lunch with him and his little friends. It was so neat to see him in action in his classroom and see him following the routine along with everyone else.  I arrived early enough to see music time and see how all those little creative minds work! I love this age!  After lunch i stayed for a bit to play with him on the playground before their nap time, sure wish i could have stayed for nap time!  I didn't get very many photos since those little kiddos move so fast! but here are a few!

That evening we had  family game night, which i think we'll continue on every Friday night.  He is getting to be such a grown up boy!  Played by the rules, was a stickler on making sure daddy followed the rules too, he had to be the one to set the games up and tear them down, we of course had to have cups of juice while we played-in case we got thirsty and didn't want to have to get up, he told me!

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KendraJane said...

First, that little girl is in every pic.... looks like somebody has a girlfriend!

Second, love the Friday Night Game Night. We do that as well (when I remember) and Miss Priss loves it. I grew up with a Family Game Night and cherish so many memories from them... so keep it up, it'll be something you'll look back on many many times!