Wednesday, October 27, 2010


BooderBean celebrated his 4th birthday this month and I have been so behind on my blogging that i completely forgot to post photos!
His party was SO MUCH fun for him and his friends, this was our first friends party and I think it went well.  I didn't get nearly as many photos as i had wanted (doesn't it always end up that way?) but i did have so much fun watching my boy and his buddies play! Maybe next year I'll be hiring our photographer friend, GreyGillFish, to come play and take party photos!

Apparently he loved the icing! and then insisted i take a photo so he could see his face :)

Even BrotherBean had a blast in the toddler area of the Gym

Time for cupcakes and ice-cream! These are his school friends and cousins with him.

Two of his school friends helping him open gifts.

Time to line up for cake! Here he was waiting for his BFF Addyson to come get in line-he even made the whole party wait for cake so she could get in line with them :)

I made his cake (as i do every year), and the theme was camouflage...this was a VERY last minute decision by BooderBean-as he changed his mind daily as to what he wanted the theme to be, finally he decided on camo and I did the cake design idea the night before, didnt' turn out nearly as cute as i wanted but hey--it was eaten right :)

I can't believe how big my little man is! Four years have gone by so fast.  He's gone from my little tiny baby--ok not really, he was born weighing in at 9lbs 8oz--to my big smart, strong, talented, happy, helpful, thoughtful, sensitive, considerate, creative, hilarious, snugly, big man!  I love this boy to pieces and every morning when he wakes up and runs in asking "is it morning yet? can i get up?" I thank God he is mine!


greygillfish said...

Looks like a great time! Making the cakes yourself? You must be SUPERMOM! It turned out really cute.

greygillfish said...

Oh, and I spy some cute birthday pictures on the table. :)