Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

More photos will be taken this weekend but I had to post a quick one of the first time the boys were in their costumes!  MilitaryMan and I sewed and stitched and glued and cut until the weeeee hours of the night the night before they had to be worn for their first trick or treating event.  Didn't try the costumes on them until it was time to go-and said a quick prayer that all worked out well! We have 4 more Halloween events this weekend where they will get to dress up needless to say the costumes will get some miles in!

Happy Halloween from my brave Fireman and his little Dalmatian brother :)


KendraJane said...

cuteness!!!! i love that both our "little ones" are "accessory dogs" ha ha!!!!

becky said...

I am so impressed that you make their costumes. They are so cute! Happy Halloween!